The way to correct a water damaged telephone.

The world suddenly freezes when you see your lost phone in water, you shout in terror, "I lost my cell phone in the water! " Whether it’s ‘s a pool or a bathroom, you just know nothing good will come out of the next few seconds. In the end, that’s a top tech apparatus that’s probably worth multiple hundred dollars, and chances are very high it will be deemed unusable. That is, unless you’ve got one of those awesome waterproof smartphones, like the Huawei P30 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S10.

It’s true that an increasing number of handset makers have moved towards waterproof designs in the past couple of years, and this tendency seems to have no slow down in sight. However, not all of us have the luxury of a waterproof phone so we need to resort to other methods. The ideal way of preventing water damage would be to take precautions ahead, using something like the CaliCase waterproof pouch for scenarios in which you know you may be getting contact with water.

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Let’s start by telling you that rescuing a water-damaged telephone is pretty much a coin flip. Nothing can guarantee that the device will in fact be rescued. And if the gadget has already been harmed, there are high chances that damage is irreversible. No matter often times that the stars align and you wind up saving that valuable technology that holds all of your important data and connects you to the world.

With the support of these tips, we plan to increase the probability of your telephone making it through such catastrophe. So let’s dig .

Can you see your lost phone ?

I know it’s difficult to respond quickly if such a devastating event occurs, but you have to snap it out! The longer your device stays submerged, the lower its chances of success are. You have to dig there and take that telephone out of the water straight away. Yes… even though it’s from the toilet!

When the telephone is out of the water, be sure it’s off and stays that way. Even though it seems nice… it’s important to shut it off just in case. In the event the telephone is still on, just shut it down or take the battery out if you can. Then set it in a secure place, preferably on a level surface above some paper towels.

The fantastic news is that even non-waterproof phones these days are generally at least a bit more resistant to water compared to phones from years past, so there are a number of things you can do — and shouldn’t do — if you want to make it through without too much damage.

What not to do when you see your lost phone .

These activities can mean the difference between a totaled telephone or a survival story. Before we leap into finding an answer, let’s try to prevent major failures you could cause.

Don’t turn on the telephone, as we mentioned previously. Electrical elements don’t play well with water when operating. water damage Don’t plug it in either! For the identical reason. This may push water further into the telephone. It’s best to try to mess with the telephone as little as you can. Don’t shake or blow into the device. This could also push water into deeper areas of the telephone. Especially try to avoid blow driers — not because of the blowing off part, but also because of the following stage. Don’t apply any heat to the telephone. Remember excessive heat may also damage the telephone. You overlook ‘t need to include more damage! Don’t move the phone around too much. Same deal; you don’t need the water going around within the telephone.

Disassemble the water damaged telephone.

Don’t confuse this step with "take the whole darn phone apart"! What I mean is that you should remove everything that is user-removable. Should you back cover is removable, take it off.

But if you’re a seasoned tech specialist of sorts and know the ins and outs of a telephone, and don’t mind risking voiding your warranty, you can go right ahead and take the whole phone apart too. It may help with drying up every single piece quicker. Just be cautious, if you neglect ‘t know what you’re doing this could cause more damage than good.

Attempt to wash the outside using a paper towel.

We first have to try and do away with all of the surplus water found in the outside of your phone. Use the paper towel to wash out each component. Gently dry out everything without moving items around too much.

You could try out a vacuum cleaner.

Obviously, there are areas that the paper towel may ‘t access. And while we told you not to blow anything into the telephone, we didn’t tell you not to suction the water out. In reality, a vacuum cleaner may suck bits of water from the telephone without too much risk. Just be certain the suctioning doesn’t create the telephone move around excessively. Oh, and try not to use just as big as the one from the picture!

Time to wash out it.

The toughest part is coming, since it involves leaving the telephone untouched for an extended period of time. This means that you may ‘t use your smartphone! If you’ve got another phone you are able to borrow, then only be certain that the SIM card is totally dried out and stick it into the working handset. Otherwise, just resort to smoke signs, public phones and all that archaic stuff.

So how do you wash out your phone? You could just leave the phone in addition to the counter or within a drawer, however some folks like giving it a little assistance. The concept is to set it in an environment which will ease its drying process. An extremely common practice is to set the telephone in a Ziploc bag filled with rice and let it rest there for around two or three days.

But rice? Mostly because it’s something easily available at most homes. The idea is that rice is quite good at absorbing humidity from the air, which makes the telephone ‘s environment drier and thus helping dry out the device. But there are alternatives that could be better.

Among better options are shaving gel packs, which can be those little packets you often find in sneakers or electronics boxes (and you can’t eat). It’s not like all of us have these laying around, though, but if you think ahead of time you, can get excellent bargains on Amazon.

And while we are on the whole thinking ahead topic — you could also buy a water rescue kit. I happen to enjoy Kensington’s EVAP bundle, which contains a special tote and silica gel packs. Kensington states this is 700% more effective at drying moisture compared to rice is, even although it’s difficult to say how accurate their claim is. Still, it may be worth the investment.

So you did everything you can and a couple of times have passed . It’s ‘s time to see whether all of your efforts paid off. Take the phone out of wherever you left it and put it all together. Then plug in the phone and try to turn it on. If it works, you’ve triumphed! At least for a couple of days, as a tool might still occur. Also, test each of the elements. Create a call to see whether the mike and earphone work, examine the speaker.

But if the telephone doesn’t work, it’s time to take defeat and require it to a professional and see whether it could be uninstalled. You can even maintain insurance if you’ve got it. Not to sound like a physician, but after this stage we’ve done what we can. Sometimes you only need to allow the phone go. Hopefully, most of you get it back up and working, though!

Have any of you tried these methods? What other tips do you’ve got somebody who dropped a telephone ? Hit the remarks and share your ideas!